Organic mango farming adventures in chiapas

justins rant
October 9, 2010, 4:48 pm
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i am sorry to be so blunt , but i dont see much understanding among the facebook comments as to the historical reality in which we find ourselves. first we need to understand that all of our beliefs and ideas of history etc are based on lies and propaganda. all of it . even us liking bacon with your eggs was programed by the father of propaganda , edward bernaise ( bernays ) . it goes that deep. read cathy obrien’s ” trance formation of america” research MK ULTRA . go down the rabbit hole.

the US was not founded for the purpose we have been taught. it is not now or EVER has been our country . it was and is a tool of the illuminati for the purpose of establishing a world dictatorship. that is why nothing makes sense . the US is not FOR the people and like that . the story of the US and especially the US military is one of brutality , domination and empire . BECAUSE , they are not and have never been OUR military. the US military is wholly owned by the globalists and the old world money families and monarchies to be the ” muscle ” for their global agenda. you MUST read ” secret beginnings of the united states of america “. families like , rockefeller , rothschild , bush , kissinger , cheney , morgan , and on and on are working for the illuminus . obama , goldman sachs . investigate .

think , a NEW holy roman empire with a high tech control grid overlaying the planet to enslave and ultimately kill us. ALL wars have been fomented by these forces . so no , we didnt save the world from hitler . we were suckered and manipulated . hitler worked for the same global , illuminati controlled banking forces that are causing all the problems we have today . in fact bush’s father prescott helped to launder hitlers gold thru his bank in NY and GM and chevron sold the german war machine oil and tank parts and more. hitlers whole ideas of race purity etc came from england and the US . read jim marrs , ” rise of the 4th reich ” if you want to get a clearer picture .

the illuminati and their fronts , the club of rome , the bilderberger’s , the trilaterals , the cfr to name a few , are the dark hands behind the murders of Lincoln , JFK , MLK , RFK to name a few. they are behind oklahoma city , waco 911 and more . too many to list . they are behind the subsequent wars and police state we now see on the streets of america . behind the false flag terror , the naked body scanners , the torture , the stripping of rights . they love horror and mayhem . they say , out of chaos ….. ORDER.

AND most importantly , THEY ARE BEHIND the current global economic meltdown. and its just beginning . the economy is not and will not get better they feel the endgame is in sight so that is why everything seems to be accelerating .

and by the way , WW3 is planned and coming soon . just about the time people start waking up and REACTING to the looting of the US economy and the robbing of their pension funds. its already PLANNED!!!! DO YOU GET THAT? ??? WW3 is already planned!!!!

and the US military machine , now driven crazy thru 10 years of war and redeployment for 4 – 5 tours . is about to be unleashed on the american people.

wake up.

this is a global problem. its not right or left , not between countries or races or religions.

its between a tyrannical cabal of demon worshiping child rapers and free humanity. until we wake up to the horror of the monsters that are controlling the planet and their soon coming ENDGAME , we will continue to squabble among ourselves and they win.

its divide and conquer. lets not fall for it again. store food , buy gold or silver or commodities like building materials or flour , anything . get out of the dollar and the stock market . get to know you neighbors , plant a community garden . prepare cuz its coming.

what you need to know about fluoride
October 6, 2010, 11:45 pm
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what to believe?
September 23, 2010, 3:04 am
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ahhhh ….. chiapas

rain , bugs , tequila and brown skinned women. hmm? stay ? go ?
the trees are starting to flower. MANGO FLOWERS! that means in 100 days or so we get to start making the morning mango smoothie. i live for that.

there is a huge viral something going around. strange. stays and stays . everyone i know is down. the funny thing is how we all started getting sick after the first big rain off the gulf hit us. corexit? dont know. bridge virus ? i dont want to believe that it could be. symptoms of modest corexit exposure is flu like with overlay of dengue. shisen.

could that be true?

times are getting really tough. crime is way up and it seems like people are getting desperate. does anybody know what the F is happening? i hear a lot of noise about global this and conspiracy that. it cant all be false. i have read enough shakespeare to know that out out damn spot is probably what bush says to the sink while taking that drunken 3am pee in the new house , in dubai. i mean dallas. does anyone know he bought a 100,000 acre estate in paraguay ( next to one of our military bases ) ? not that his granpapy was a nazi supporter or anything. anyone could have their bank seized under the trading with the enemies act , WHILE WE WERE AT WAR WITH HITLER .¬† honest mistake , laundering hitlers gold was just good bizness. it wasnt like he was selling them tank parts thru a swiss shell company . oh…….

what to believe

more to come , maybe photos  : )))